Hybrid Multi-Cloud as a Service

Accessing hybrid multi-clouds is complex and costly.

Soon, you will able to sign up for a Hybrid Multi-Cloud SaaS service offered by Siaras.

Cloud Infrastructure Made Easy At A Fraction Of The Cost

  • True Hybrid Multi-Cloud as a Service
  • Set up once, deploy anywhere, again and again

  • 1/10th the cost of DIY; and integrated WAN connectivity  
  • Seamless access to OpenStack ecosystem; for developers Magnum delivers containers over any cloud

  • Single OpenStack portal access to public and private clouds 
  • Secure, carrier-class inter cloud connectivity 

It just works!


Siaras Inc. will soon be launching an OpenStack-based Hybrid Multi-Cloud SaaS offering, built on cloudScape, our carrier-class Over-Cloud technology. With a single portal, Enterprises will be able manage and connect their entire cloud experience, from private datacenters through divergent public clouds, with unfettered access to all of their preferred public cloud services.  cloudScape brings disruptive pricing, functionality and ease of use to the hybrid market with a service that pre-configures and pre-integrates most of the complex infrastructure currently hindering hybrid cloud adoption.

Enterprises of all sizes will be able to leverage cloudScape to fulfill every aspect of their cloud strategy.