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Siaras cloudScape


Cloud deployments are becoming increasingly complex. Simply calling them "hybrid" masks this complexity and oversimplifies the problem. Complexity obscures visibility, inhibits control, limits flexibility. It costs enterprise CIOs money.

Siaras cloudScape, a carrier class hybrid cloud management platform, allows cloud service providers (CSPs) to deliver a more robust cloud service to their enterprise customer. A standards-based service yielding greater visibility into, and control over, complex cloud deployments.


Cloud service providers use Siaras cloudScape to build and offer a more cost effective cloud service to their enterprise customers. By doing so, they can deliver a more comprehensive cloud offering that includes a variety of federated public and hosted private "underclouds." They can also offer a cloud service that seamlessly integrates policy-based intercloud network connectivity in order to deliver a more compelling and competitive cloud offering.




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