Multi-Cloud Simplified


Enterprises are shifting to Multi Cloud, an $80B market by 2019 projected to grow 25-30% a year over the next few years.  Service Providers are well positioned to gain a substantial share of this market and enjoy exceptional business outcomes by offering Enterprises a frictionless consumption of Multi-Cloud services using the Siaras cloudScape platform.

Siaras Inc. has developed and patented a disruptive OpenStack based Hybrid Multi-Cloud software solution that enables Service Providers to offer Large, Medium and Small Enterprises an On-demand Frictionless Applications and Services experience by completely removing the complexity to a point where all clouds and networks are managed as one.


Value Proposition of cloudScape

cloudScape enables a range of multi-cloud application services using a single frictionless OpenStack-based interface


Single Cloud

  • Access all clouds as one
  • Unified Identity Management
  • Migrate between clouds
  • Define inter-cloud networks
  • Deploy multi-cloud solutions

Multi-Cloud Capabilities

  • L2GW, Direct Connect, Express Route
  • Carrier WAN SDN
  • Integrated Telemetry
  • Credential Management
  • Access to Native AWS, Google, Azure Services

OpenStack Ecosystem

  • Configuration tools
  • Application catalogues
  • Integrated PaaS platforms
  • Docker containers, Mesos, Kubernetes
  • Billing, monitoring, eCommerce solutions
  • Management, Reporting and Security

Motion Portal Enables:

  • Application onboarding
  • Data migration and Replication
  • Application Bursting and Migration

Benefits for Service Providers

cloudScape drives Exceptional Business Outcomes for Service Providers by providing them with ways to generate new revenue streams, and to leverage and grow existing revenue streams


New Revenue Streams

  • Multi-cloud, multi-network infrastructure solutions
  • Legacy Application onboarding
  • Integrated multi-cloud vertical solutions

Halo Effect - grow existing revenue

  • Increase managed services revenue
  • Increase systems integration revenue
  • Increase network revenue

Multi-cloud market share Gains

  • 100% parity with public clouds
  • Unlimited global scale

Overall Business Outcomes

  • Enhanced carrier SDN business case
  • Lower capex costs using public cloud infrastructure
  • Stickiness with customer base

Benefits for Enterprises

cloudScape benefits Enterprises through faster and simpler access to multi-cloud application and infrastructure services. IT costs are significantly lowered through simplification and automation without sacrificing security, performance and scalability


Business Agility 

  • Faster application onboarding
  • Fast access to multi-cloud infrastructure services
  • Fast access to multi-cloud application services
  • Fast access to pre-integrated multi-cloud solutions

Cost Efficiency

  • Lower IT development costs
  • Pay simple monthly consumption charges
  • Lower capex and opex charges
  • No vendor lock-in

Global Footprint

  • Easy access to global cloud resources
  • Enhanced global business outcomes
  • Lower compliance and regulatory costs

Scalability and Performance

  • Scale resources on demand
  • Carrier WAN performance and reliability
  • Enhanced security
  • Data migration and application bursting

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