Multi-Cloud Simplified

Enterprises are shifting to cloud. IDC predicts that 50% of all IT spending will be cloud based in 2018. The fastest growing portion of this growth is Hybrid / Multi-Cloud according to both IDC and Gartner. The greatest barrier is complexity.

Siaras Inc. has developed and patented a disruptive OpenStack based Hybrid Multi-Cloud software solution that enables Service Providers to offer Large, Medium and Small Enterprises an On-demand Frictionless Applications and Services experience by completely removing the complexity to a point where all clouds and networks are managed as one.


Value Proposition of cloudScape

cloudScape enables a range of multi-cloud application services using a single frictionless OpenStack-based interface


Single Cloud

  • Access all clouds as one
  • Unified Identity Management
  • Migrate between clouds
  • Define inter-cloud networks
  • Deploy multi-cloud solutions

Multi-Cloud Capabilities

  • L2GW, Direct Connect, Express Route
  • Carrier WAN SDN
  • Integrated Telemetry
  • Credential Management
  • Access to Native AWS, Google, Azure Services

OpenStack Ecosystem

  • Configuration tools
  • Application catalogues
  • Integrated PaaS platforms
  • Docker containers, Mesos, Kubernetes
  • Billing, monitoring, eCommerce solutions
  • Management, Reporting and Security

Motion Portal Enables:

  • Application onboarding
  • Data migration and Replication
  • Application Bursting and Migration

Benefits for Enterprises

cloudScape benefits Enterprises through faster and simpler access to multi-cloud application and infrastructure services. IT costs are significantly lowered through simplification and automation without sacrificing security, performance and scalability


Business Agility 

  • Faster application onboarding
  • Fast access to multi-cloud infrastructure services
  • Fast access to multi-cloud application services
  • Fast access to pre-integrated multi-cloud solutions

Cost Efficiency

  • Lower IT development costs
  • Pay simple monthly consumption charges
  • Lower capex and opex charges
  • No vendor lock-in

Global Footprint

  • Easy access to global cloud resources
  • Enhanced global business outcomes
  • Lower compliance and regulatory costs

Scalability and Performance

  • Scale resources on demand
  • Carrier WAN performance and reliability
  • Enhanced security
  • Data migration and application bursting

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