Siaras Unveils cloudScape, an Open Platform Enabling Service Providers to Build Seamless WAN-aware Clouds

  • Siaras extends OpenStack to better accommodate wide area network (WAN) interclouds
  • cloudScape, a Siaras WAN-aware cloud enablement platform, allows network service providers to offer WAN-as-a-service (WANaaS)
  • Traffic engineered service endpoints facilitate deterministic sharing of constrained WAN resources

OPENSTACK SUMMIT, PARIS, FRANCE, NOVEMBER 3, 2014—Siaras today unveiled cloudScape, an open software platform for network service providers enabling them to seamlessly combine cloud-based virtual data centers with on-demand, intercloud WAN connectivity. Using cloudScape, network service providers can deliver integrated multi-cloud solutions relying on their own public or managed private cloud assets as well as third-party public clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, IBM SoftLayer, and others. More importantly, by leveraging the provider’s own network assets, cloudScape allows network service providers to offer a much more complete and open cloud product to their enterprise customers than those available from large public cloud providers.

Founded in 2013 by industry veterans Vivek Ragavan and Sig Luft, Siaras has leveraged the deep networking roots of its technical team in order to solve real and intractable problems inherent in cloud computing as enterprises contemplate moving more mission critical apps to the cloud.

Siaras president and CEO Ragavan sees open WAN-to-cloud integration as “an important enabler to much broader cloud adoption, especially infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). Despite widespread growth thus far, cloud operators have largely picked off the ‘low-hanging apps’ that can operate quite well with unmanaged internet connectivity. Continued growth requires a more cloud-like approach to the WAN.”

Siaras cloudScape

Siaras cloudScape, which allows service providers to build “overclouds” with multiple heterogeneous data center and WAN “underclouds” provides the following functions:

  1. Automatic orchestration of open intercloud WANs in response to real time needs between virtual data centers.
  2. On demand intercloud WAN connectivity, or WAN-as-a-service (WANaaS), enabling connections to be spun up and torn down in a matter of minutes.
  3. Traffic-engineering-as-a-service (TEaaS) allowing per-app, policy-based sharing of WAN connectivity.
  4. Virtual points-of-presence (POPs) inside third-party public clouds facilitating the on-demand establishment of virtual data centers along with requisite WAN connectivity. This is especially important for cloud bursting, data base back up, and disaster recovery scenarios.

According to Michael Howard, co-founder and principal analyst with Infonetics Research, “There is no question that Siaras has identified a significant problem area. Enterprises today face two suboptimal alternatives with regard to intercloud WAN connectivity. They can sacrifice performance and possibly even security by using the internet. Or they can accept the long turn up times, length contracts, and service inflexibility associated with existing dedicated connectivity products. Siaras offers an open method for making WAN connectivity available in a cloud-like manner.”

Siaras cloudScape as recently completed initial trials with KVH in Tokyo. KVH provideS extensive network and data center products to large enterprise customers and is partnering with Siaras to help combine these diverse assets into a more comprehensive offering for their customers.

Siaras at the OpenStack Summit

Visit Siaras at booth number E24 at the OpenStack Summit in Paris, November 3-5, 2014.

Siaras CTO Sig Luft will be delivering a talk entitled OpenStack and the WAN: BFFs? at 12:45 pm on Tuesday, November 4 in room 126/127 at Le Palais Des Congrès.

Attend a joint presentation by Colt, KVH, and Siaras entitled OpenStack and its Role in the WAN-aware Multicloud on Wednesday, November 5 at 11:05 am in the Marché Théâtre at Le Palais Des Congrès.

About Siaras

Siaras was founded to help network service provider unify their two most vital assets: networks and cloud data centers. The result is cloudScape, an open software platform that allows network service providers to seamlessly combine multiple underclouds (private, managed private, and public) and requisite intercloud WAN connectivity into a single, more complete cloud offering for their enterprise customers. Service providers benefit by being able to offer a more compelling cloud product over existing assets, yielding greater cloud market share, higher revenue, and improved profitability. Enterprises benefit by being able to make use of more flexible, more comprehensive, and more responsive cloud services. For more information visit us at

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