KVH and Siaras Partner to Federate Managed Private and AWS Data Centers

  • Application workloads successfully deploy across OpenStack-based managed private cloud and AWS public data centers
  • OpenStack-based implementation yields truly open cloud federation
  • Siaras cloudScape enables WAN-aware cloud infrastructure

OPENSTACK SUMMIT, PARIS, FRANCE, NOVEMBER 3, 2014—Siaras and KVH today announced the successful completion of an OpenStack proof of concept (PoC) in which KVH enterprise customers are able to spin up workloads in multiple dissimilar data centers via a single cloud and WAN orchestration interface. The PoC, which utilized the Siaras cloudScape platform, enables KVH to substantially broaden the range of cloud services offers while simultaneously reducing the complexity and spin-up time associated with implementing or modifying cloud deployments. The Siaras cloudScape platform handles workload and connectivity orchestration across a range of wide area networks and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) underclouds.

“We are finding that the needs of our enterprise customers, many of whom are large financial institutions, are diverse and unlikely to be satisfied by a single cloud deployment,” stated Caleb Crane, director at KVH. “We see increasing demand to place workloads in cloud data centers best suited for specific applications and potentially move them as conditions warrant. Enterprises do, however, want to be able to federate all cloud and intercloud WAN services under a single umbrella and, in working with Siaras, we have been able to successfully implement that capability.”

The completion of the KVH-Siaras PoC is significant progress in further enhancing KVH hybrid-private cloud offering that allows customers to connect their dedicated computing environments to major public cloud services. By using the Siaras cloudScape software, KVH enterprise customers can define compute workloads and policies in a single interface that unifies multiple cloud providers and allows a customer’s applications to run in those separate clouds at the same time.  The clouds that are available for use can be in a KVH data center, or in a public cloud like AWS.

According to Sig Luft, Siaras co-founder and chief technology officer, “The definition of hybrid as it pertains to cloud is expanding beyond historical yet simplistic private/public delineations. Enterprises now contemplate deploying application workloads in a variety of cloud data centers in order to optimize placement, performance, and cost. What we’ve demonstrated with KVH is that service providers, with extensive network and data center assets, are well positioned to be the gatekeepers to this multifaceted hybrid cloud world.”

The KVH-Siaras PoC was conducted in KVH data centers along with workloads placed in the AWS Asia Pacific (Tokyo) Region and connectivity provided via the KVH network and AWS Direct Connect.

KVH and Siaras at the OpenStack Summit

Visit Siaras at booth number E24 at the OpenStack Summit in Paris, November 3-5, 2014.

Siaras CTO Sig Luft will be delivering a talk entitled OpenStack and the WAN: BFFs? at 12:45 pm on Tuesday, November 4 in room 126/127 at Le Palais Des Congrès.

Attend a joint presentation by Colt, KVH, and Siaras entitled OpenStack and its Role in the WAN-aware Multicloud on Wednesday, November 5 at 11:05 am in the Marché Théâtre at Le Palais Des Congrès.

About KVH

KVH is an Asia Pacific IT Services and Data Center Services Provider established in Japan. KVH’s Information Delivery Platform delivers integrated cloud and network solutions and best-in-class service to its customers. KVH owns infrastructure and provides services that enable clients to store, process, protect and deliver their vital business information. KVH provides IT Services, Cloud Services, Data Center Services, Managed Network Services, and Professional Services.

KVH operates the lowest latency network in Japan, and with over 500 financial services customers, is the leading provider of ultra low-latency network and proximity hosting solutions to the high-frequency trading community in Tokyo and Osaka. KVH also offers low-latency connectivity services between major financial markets in the Asia/Pacific region and the US including Tokyo, Chicago, Aurora, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul/Busan, and Sydney. More information on KVH can be found at www.kvhasia.com

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Siaras was founded to help network service providers unify their two most vital assets: networks and cloud data centers. The result is cloudScape, an open software platform that allows network service providers to seamlessly combine multiple underclouds (private, managed private, and public) and requisite intercloud WAN connectivity into a single, more complete cloud offering for their enterprise customers. Service providers benefit by being able to offer a more compelling cloud product over existing assets, yielding greater cloud market share, higher revenue, and improved profitability. Enterprises benefit by being able to make use of more flexible, more comprehensive, and more responsive cloud services. For more information visit us at www.siaras.com.

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