Siaras cloudBurst is a service that leverages cloudScape to allow enterprise customers to deploy onto any supported cloud, for deterministic periods of time.  The enterprise can select a wide variety of cloud providers and locations, with a single definition of their bursting resources. cloudBurst allows the enterprise to define their workloads, storage, network and security requirements, in a standardized format that is portable across cloudScape.  

cloudBurst is offered by Siaras and its partners as a service that addresses many of the infrastructure challenges faced by enterprises migrating to the cloud. All enterprise media that traverses between one of our on-boarding sites and a destination cloud will travel on a cloudScape dedicated network. This ensures the highest possible performance and security while maintaining the lowest possible cost from each of the public cloud providers. This makes cloudBurst ideal for applications that require large amounts of data to be transferred in and out as part of the burst event.


While traditional concepts around temporal use of clouds is the primary use case for cloudBurst the service can be highly effective for any variety of use cases. cloudBurst can be a tool for on-boarding enterprise cloud resources as well as a mechanism to migrate large workloads and datasets between public clouds and enterprise sites. When used in conjunction with cloudScape, cloudBurst becomes a powerful mechanism to migrate between the private and public clouds that make up an enterprise’s cloud scape.