Service Provider revenue from traditional services has experienced a rapid decline and there continues to be a significant discrepancy between the incremental revenue gained from the explosive growth in data traffic compared to the capex needed to support this growth. For Service Providers to stay competitive and grow the business they must become more embedded in their customers' businesses and become application, process and business outcome focused.

Enterprises are shifting to cloud. IDC predicts that 50% of all IT spending will be cloud based in 2018 (i.e. equal to $1.25 trillion p.a.). The fastest growing segment of this growth is Hybrid Multi-Cloud but according to both IDC and Gartner, the greatest barrier for enterprises to gain the business benefits from Hybrid Multi- Cloud is complexity and the lack of expertise.

This is a massive multi-billion- dollar market opportunity for Service Providers to step in and turn the table on OTT providers by leveraging existing valuable business assets, which include:

  • Networks, Data Centers and POPs
  • Enterprise customer relationships
  • Services and support expertise
  • Trusted market brand
  • AND, the OTT providers themselves

Siaras Inc. specifically developed and patented the cloudScape platform and framework to enable Service Providers to capitalize on this huge opportunity by offering enterprise customers a frictionless buyer experience and single trusted source for all their cloud services, networking and application requirements.

New Service Provider Revenue Streams

Frictionless multi-cloud offering

  • Deliver all of the multi-cloud services enterprises are seeking, from a single integrated, and on-demand service offering across CaaS, PaaS, IaaS, SaaS and new IoT applications

Inter-cloud WAN Services

  • Transform all existing and third party networks to interconnected private, public, and service cloud resources
  • Between 30-50% of new circuit demand is driven by cloud

Bundled services

  • For every new OTT service on the market, there is an opportunity for service providers to incrementally expand and inter-connect their service offering

Seamless migration of legacy non-cloud based enterprise applications and data to the multi-cloud environment

  • Provide huge savings to enterprise customers and increase adoption of multi-clouds

Adjunct deployment to existing cloud platforms and frameworks

  • Generate new service revenue by seamlessly filling the gaps in existing cloud solutions

Business Outcomes

cloudScape enables Cloud Service Providers to offer Corporate and Enterprise customers an On-demand Frictionless experience of all enterprise Applications and Services with a single contact, single bill, single sign-on, single cloud and app store, and a single help desk.

This presents Service Providers with a huge opportunity and significant advantages in a massive market, including:

  • End to end automation and ultimate flexibility to add new functionality without code change drives the lowest TCO in the industry which results in up to 50-60% uplift in profit margin
  • Address customer requirements by leveraging existing cloud and network assets in conjunction with 3rd party OTT services and networks
  • Deeper customer relationships create customer stickiness
  • Increase service delivery coverage leveraging third party infrastructures
  • Deliver unique services across any diverse set of private, public, owned, or 3rd party cloud
  • Accelerate application and service consumption with up to 20-30% increase in Revenue
  • Enable new business models and access to new markets
  • Full operational support for newly integrated services (owned or 3rd party)
    • Management
    • Reporting
    • Monitoring
    • Security
    • eCommerce
    • Billing framework for all offered services