Siaras will soon be launching a Hybrid Multi-Cloud SaaS offering known as cloudScape. Built on our disruptive cloud technology, the cloudScape portal allows Enterprises of all sizes to manage their entire cloud experience, including deployments in Amazon, Azure, SoftLayer and Google, as well as the Enterprise's own private datacenters, using a single interface. By removing the complexity and overhead of managing multiple connected clouds, cloudScape allows the Enterprise to focus on what matters most to their business.

The cloudScape portal enables Enterprises to operate hybrid solutions at a fraction of the cost of stand-alone contemporary solutions. Our turnkey offering pre-integrates much of the infrastructure that underlies the complexity associated with hybrid multi-clouds; complexity which has previously limited the hybrid space to Enterprises with the largest IT budgets. 

Eliminated is the need for Enterprise IT to be specialists in diverse private and public platforms, as well as the need to run, manage, or upgrade your own cloud or hybrid cloud management software. It is all taken care of through our SaaS offering. Unique to our Multi-Cloud engine is the ability to deploy infrastructure resources on diverse clouds through our OpenStack-based Over-Cloud technology.  This approach permits our SaaS offering to leverage the growing open source community, while not obstructing differentiated features available within the Public clouds. 

When dealing with multiple clouds and datacenters, secure interconnectivity becomes an increasingly critical requirement.  Siaras has built a high security private network that can interconnect your datacenters to all the public clouds via Equinix Cloud Exchange.  This standardized and software defined network connectivity ensures that none of your data ever needs to see the Internet, unless by choice.  We have peering arrangements with most major service providers, so getting your datacenter on-net is a seamless part of on-boarding.  

Benefits to the enterprise:

  • 1/10th the cost of stand-alone platforms
  • Turnkey Hybrid Multi-Cloud with minimal upfront configuration
  • Pre-integrated, software defined inter-cloud infrastructure
  • 24x7 monitoring of managed cloud resources
  • Accelerated time to market for Enterprise applications
  • Leverage unique features of each cloud without vendor lock-in
  • Access to growing OpenStack ecosystem and open source community

Key features include:

  • OpenStack API and portal to manage private and public clouds as a multi-cloud
  • Dedicated private network for interconnecting all cloud datacenters
  • End to end, software defined infrastructure (Private, Public Datacenters, Inter-Cloud Networking)
  • Multi-cloud support for Magnum Container as a Service (Kubernetes, Mesos, Swarm)
  • Hybrid access to public cloud services (example: AWS AI, Azure Cortana, Google Machine Learning)
  • Multi-Cloud catalog support with Murano 
  • Burst, move, or replicate projects based on policy decisions