cloudScape is the core technology platform developed by Siaras and sold to Service Providers. cloudScape is a powerful hybrid cloud application and services platform that leverages and extends Openstack to transform the way Enterprises use the cloud. Using cloudScape, Service Providers offer managed cloud services that address hybrid and multi-cloud use cases for their Enterprise customers.  Enterprises can select cloudScape managed "under clouds" or onboard their own private clouds to create a unique managed cloud scape of multiple clouds. Service Providers can further extend the managed offering by integrating inter-cloud network assets to complete the multi-cloud offering to include inter-cloud networking.

Using cloudScape, hosted by their Service Provider, Enterprises can manage their evolving cloud requirements through a single cloud interface. cloudScape is not a management platform, but rather a cloud that consists of other interconnected clouds. In solving the multi-cloud problem as a single cloud, cloudScape ensures investments in applications and services are protected even as cloud strategies shift. 

cloudScape can dynamically create and tear down WAN connections between projects hosted on different clouds. It can integrate with diverse wide area networks, including on-ramps to public clouds such as Direct Connect and Express Route. Working with the self service WAN links made available to them by their Service Providers, Enterprises can interconnect Virtual Private Clouds (VPC) with dedicated private line services - as if the VPCs were datacenters connected by a Datacenter Interconnect (DCI). These virtual DCI connections follow the same on-demand properties as any cloud resource. The application dictates the requirements of the network, including where, what, and when they are needed.

  • Tenant level inter-cloud networking integrates private line services with public cloud services (e.g. Direct Connect, Express Route, etc.)
  • Uniform monitoring over deployed resources
  • Single Sign On with identity management
  • Uniform policy management across all constituent “under clouds” (e.g. quotas, governance, security, control)
  • Compatibility with OpenStack ecosystems
  • Operated as a managed service by Service Providers
  • Delivered as a single cloud that manages multiple heterogeneous clouds
  • Accessed as a standard OpenStack cloud, with GUI, CLI, RESTful API’s, and Heat Scripting
  • Core OpenStack services on each ”under cloud” include: Compute, Storage, Networking